Kardashian Family Christmas Traditions


kim-kardashian-merry-christmasEven if this picture didn’t have the family name across the top you would still be able to tell who it is.

Kourtney Kardashian had her baby in time to continue her family’s tradition of  the old family Christmas card.
Should we all be looking for Kourtney, Scott and Mason’s Christmas card?

Kourtney’s  sister Kim found some pictures and posted the pictures on her sight. “…I was looking at our old family cards and I found this one from when we were kids. Look how they spelled Khloe’s name… ‘Khole.’ Honestly, it looks like our family can never quite get our family Christmas cards right!!”

Do you think Kourtney will have time to put anything up? She might have to run out to Sears to be able to get them up in time.

Can’t wait to see him.