Kardashian Women & Little Mason Dine In Style


The photos of Mason out with grandma, his aunts Kim and Khloe, and mom Kourtney Kardashian grabbing lunch at NY’s ultra-posh Cipriani are super adorable. You find yourself thinking how normal, how just like us they are, But that’s only when they are in one dimension. In life, they are nothing like you.

It’s not that they’re dining at an establishment that charges $25 for an appetizer (Really-Fried calamari is $25.50), because maybe some of you do that (lucky), but that they’re probably being filmed and we know for sure they’re being photographed. See how Grammy Kris is carrying Mason facing outward? I can’t help but think she’s only doing that so that the paparazzi can get a good face shot of the tiny tyke.

I hope I’m wrong. At any rate, the pics are really cute and he certainly seems happy to flash a smile for the camera.