Karrine Steffans on Life After on TV One (Video)


Karrine SteffansKarrine Steffans is in the news today, as the author and former video vixen who was rumored to be pregnant with Bow Wow’s baby, was featured on an episode of Life After on TV One last night.

Karrine Steffans, who was seen in music videos for artists like Jay-Z and LL Cool J, wrote a tell-all book called “Confessions of a Video Vixen,” where she dished on the many flings she had with people in the entertainment industry, including Kool G Rap, Vin Diesel, Ja Rule, Irv Gotti, Shaq, Ice-T, Fred Durst, Dr. Dre, P-Diddy and Xzibit.

Karrine, who has a child with Kool G Rap, was rumored to be pregnant with rapper/actor Bow Wow’s baby – there was even some buzz that the couple secretly got married.

Steffans addressed the Bow Wow pregnancy rumors, saying they were “insignificant and incorrect in the world of media, commenting, “My statement is that I have no statement” and saying that she would not “confirm or deny anything”.

On Life After on TV One last night, we discovered more about Karrine “Superhead” Steffans’ life and books (she followed up her “Confessions” book with “The Vixen Diaries” and “The Vixen Manual”), and get reactions from others who claim she is lying about her alleged affairs.

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