Kat VonD Confirms She's Dating Jesse James On Twitter


kat von d jesse jamesKat Von D needs to learn that once you put something online, it’s can’t be taken back! The tattoo’d beauty, who’s been rumoured to be dating Sandra Bullock’s ex, Jesse James, took to her twitter account to confirm the relationship.

kat von d tweet

Kat Von D quickly removed the tweet from her page, but not before it was copied and retweeted! The couple had insisted that they are just friends, but now it seems that Kat has chosen to out them as a couple.

Not sure why the secrecy? They’re both single and seem to share many interests (at the very least a love of tattoos), so it would seem perfectly natural for them to be dating. Not sure why she would tweet it out only to remove it? Seems a little bit like an attention getting move to me. I mean, do we really care if they’re dating or not?

Jesse James’ divorce from Sandra Bullock was finalized in June.

Source: Popeater