Kate Beckinsale's Daughter Rules Their Fashion Roost



Kate Beckinsale says she can’t venture far from her current fashion style or do anything “radically different,” or her daughter, Lily, 10, would not approve.

Kate said, “I don’t really think about my hair that much.  I’ve got a daughter and if I do anything really radically different, she gets upset.

“I come in the door, and she goes, ‘Ew, you don’t look like yourself.  You look horrible.  And, my husband tends to do that, too.”

The British actress says her daughter is very “retro,” and likes old-time stars.  “Lily’s really retro so she says ‘Oh I wish you could work with Joan Crawford or Janice Joplin.’  I’m like, ‘They’re dead now.  It’s probably not going to happen.'”

She added, “She’s into Marilyn Monroe and John Lennon and all these people.  Maybe if I worked with Taylor Swift I’d be golden though.”

Her daughter sounds adorable!  Reminds me of my own girl.