Kate Gosselin Films A Pilot For Her New Talk Show


kate-gosselin-the-viewFor the last few months, Kate Gosselin has been playing her cards right with the networks and consistently pounding the morning talk show circuit (see here, here and here), a strategy that seems to be paying off in the form of a new TV pilot based on the website Mom Logic, which she filmed over the weekend.

Surprisingly, Kate’s lack of acting skillz didn’t drag the show down at all. In fact, the producers loved her. From Radar:

“It went extremely well. Everyone there loved it. And Kate did great. There’s no question that she was a hit.”

Contrary to early reports, Kate is not the star of the show. Instead there’s apparently a pretty large ensemble cast including Paula Deen, Lee Woodruff, Rene Syler and others. Mel B was reportedly slated to be a host, but couldn’t commit to the pilot due to scheduling issues.

Honestly, I’m kinda curious to see what it is that Kate does on the show. Yeah, I guess she’s got some parenting expertise to share. Do you think Kate’s got what it takes to have a TV career beyond Jon & Kate Plus 8.