Kate Gosselin Admits Her Old Hairstyle Was A "Reverse Mullet"

Reverse mullet: Kate Gosselin

Long before there were Casey Anthony Halloween masks, there was the Kate Gosselin hair wig.  And not just any wig as the mother of eight has recently confessed herself, her old hairstyle was a “reverse mullet.”

But does the celebrity mom regret having one of the most mocked hairstyles of reality television history?  Not at all, she says.

“I do not regret my old haircut,” Kate tells the Huffington Post.  “Back when I had eight very small children I made the decision to cut it very short.”

“I thought it through, and I remember thinking I can either wake up in the morning and have no time to do a thing… So I would answer the door looking like a fright… or get it cut short where literally I could roll out of bed and not touch it and it looked literally exactly the same,” she adds.

Along with her chopped locks, Kate also lost her anonymity and her husband, but in the meantime gained a new perspective and direction in her life.

Love her or hate her, you’d have to admit Kate does look fantastic these days, even if her new hairstyle cost her a whopping $7,000!


Photo: PCN