Kate Gosselin And Her Daughters Run Errands (Photos)


Kate Gosselin, Hannah Gosselin, Leah GosselinKate and her new hair are back at home in Reading, Pennsylvania yesterday morning, running errands with her daughters Hannah and Leah Tuesday morning, pumping gas, filling up a shopping cart at Target, and (show here) letting her ride dangerously on the front of a cart at this supermarket.

Are you reading this Team Jon? I’m giving your lawyers ammunition to attack Kate as a bad mother.

None of the other pics seems to show any of the other members of Kate’s brood, or any helpers for that matter. So it looks like it was just Kate and the girls out on the town. I wonder how exactly she chooses which kids get to go out with her and which ones stay at home? There must be some kind of rotation going…

Things have been kind of quiet on the Gosselin front lately, but with a new book coming out, it looks like Kate’s mug is about to get back on some magazine covers.

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Photos: INF Daily

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