Kate Gosselin And Kids Begin Controversial Australia Trip! (PHOTOS)

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Kate Gosselin and the kids arrive at Brisbane Airport to tape "Kate Plus 8"

Despite the strenuous objections of ex-husband Jon Gosselin, Kate Gosselin and her eight kids jetted off to Australia this week, landing in Brisbane Airport yesterday to film footage for “Kate Plus 8.” Jon Gosselin had tried to block Kate from taking the kids on the trip in court, but the judge refused to stop Kate. Why was Jon so upset?

He wanted to spend New Year’s with the kids, according to, and was very disappointed to be separated.

Kate and the kids will also be traveling to New Zealand on TLC’s dime during this trip. We’ll see if it helps her with her New Year’s resolution finding a new man! (She sure doesn’t need to resolve to lose weight, it looks like Kate Gosselin’s bikini body held up well through the holidays from this picture!)

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