Kate Gosselin Bikini Cover: One More Reason to Love to Hate Her?

kate gosselin bikini cover people magazine hate kate plus 8
Kate Gosselin's bikini cover is drawing plenty of criticism

With Kate Gosselin’s bikini picture on the cover of People magazine, the Gosselin haters are in full-force.

All the Kate Gosselin haters, please form a line to the right. Everyone else to the left, please. So… how do we stack up on the Kate haters versus lovers?

If Gosselin’s TLC ratings are any indication, there’s still a lot of love for the reality celeb mom. But, there’s also a fair share of dislike for Gosselin, too. The haters, we believe, can be shaken out into two groups: those that really, truly loathe the woman, and those that love to hate her.
If you really don’t like her, we’re sure you have your reasons maybe you just detest all reality stars, maybe you find her parenting techniques questionable, or maybe you just think she’s an overbearing… well… you know.

If you’re in the “love to hate” category, let’s take a look at the possible reasons why:

Gosselin pimps her kids. To the max. Child labor laws be damned, Kate uses her kids to fatten up the bank account. Is it right? We all have our opinions, but we’re of the belief that hey, if you have cameras following your every move from the time you’re an infant, there may be some psychological damage going on. At least the reality show paychecks will pay for therapy!

Kate uses every perk out there. Remember a simpler time when the Gosselin clan was a little more humble and on a budget? Now, we get glimpses of special little custom crooked houses for the kids and trips here and there and you know Kate isn’t footing the bill for this stuff herself.

Kate’s not very nice. …Or maybe that’s all in the editing? She used to seem controlling with husband Jon, and boy did viewers feel sorry for him. Then we all discovered he’s kind of a douchebag, and well, maybe Kate’s disposition was some extension of that. Then again, we’ve seen her be short with her kids and behave like a diva, so maybe meanie is just part of her demeanor.

She can’t dance. Dancing with the Stars was kind of an experiment in horror for Kate, who honestly couldn’t get the swing (get it?) of any of the dances, and even wore on the patience of dance pro partner Tony Dovolani. That stint really rubbed some people the wrong way because, yet again, Gosselin collected a fat paycheck.

Kate keeps writing books. She claims to write the books for her children to have a reminder of all that happened in their lives and how important the kiddies are to mommy, but couldn’t she have written something personal just for the family and not cashed in?

Gosselin uses the old “I’m a working mom” defense all too often. Yes, we get it you need to support your family, and perhaps now, more than ever, since ex-hubby Jon Gosselin doesn’t appear to be pulling his weight. Just stop shoving the sob story down our throat during every interview you give, okay?

Overexposure, overexposure, overexposure. Kate Gosselin is everywhere popping up on the Emmys opening, doing umpteen interviews on any talk show that will have her… and now… the cover of People. In a bikini. That kind of overexposure just rubs people the wrong way.

The list could go on and on (she got a tummy tuck, she sold out and got hair extensions, etc.)… but, which line do you stand in? Are you pro-Kate or anti-Kate? Do you tune into Kate Plus 8 to fuel your hatred, or are you a true fan?

Article Posted 5 years Ago
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