Kate Gosselin Blogs About How Much Her Kids Miss Her


Kate GosselinKate Gosselin has her own blog on TLC’s website where she shares her thoughts and feelings on all things relating to her famous kids. She has blogged about their vacations and how she feels about them all going back to school. But her latest blog seems like she’s trying to make a point.
Lately many people have commented on blogs and twitter about how the kids seem to always look happy when they’re with their Dad Jon, and upset and crying when they’re with Kate. Now, I for one am not on Team Jon, and think that Kate takes more flack than she deserves (but I do agree that some of it is deserved). After all, it can’t be easy to manage 8 kids especially when you’re a single parent. I have 4 kids and a husband and it certainly isn’t easy. But from Kate’s latest blog it seems like she needs you to know that the kids are happy at home with her.

After talking about how her kids have taken a liking to putting on impromptu shows around the house, she blogged

“More recently, they put on a welcome home show for me immediately upon their return from their dad’s apartment … not sure why I got the welcome home, but because it involved all eight kids and ended in a huge group hug surrounding mommy, I didn’t need to worry about the nitty gritties. I just needed to eat up all the love that I had missed for the last two days. That particular show was inspired by a very evident happiness and excitement that we were all reunited at home! I got the point!”
And we get the point too Kate! They like you , they really, really like you! So do you think Kate is trying to do damage control and convince us that the kids really are happy?