Kate Gosselin: Collin and Alexis Are Struggling


kate-gosselin-kids-strugglingKate Gosselin says Collin and Alexis are struggling post-divorce.  In an interview with PEOPLE, Kate says that Collin and Alexis are having the toughest time, out of all the eight kids, with issues surrounding the divorce.

The reality TV mom spilled it to the celebrity magazine this morning and according to PEOPLE:

“Collin and Alexis, both 6, are both seeing a private tutor who teaches them an “identical curriculum” until they are ready to return to school. But for now, Gosselin says the challenges are not just academic they’re personal.”

Kate wants to make sure everyone knows Collin and Alexis weren’t expelled from school!  So she took her message to the media this morning, appearing on the Today show and giving the interview in PEOPLE.

Is it just me or would the kids struggle LESS if their mom quit talking about their problems in the national media? Call me cynical but I think Kate keeping the spotlight on the kids isn’t helping them.  What do you think?

Photo: TLC/KatePlus8