Kate Gosselin Dating? Gosselin Talks About Being a Single Mom, Dating (Video)

kate gosselin single mom jon gosselin
Kate Gosselin talks about being a single mom

Is Kate Gosselin dating anyone? And how is Kate Gosselin managing as a single mom these days? Check out Kate in this video, where she talks about single parenting and how it “feels normal to me now.”

Kate Gosselin added, “I don’t know when that point hit, but it does feel normal…There was an adjustment period, for sure, but I have always been in charge of running the household, so that’s not different for me.”

As for the kids’ relationship with Kate’s ex-husband Jon, she says,”I’m encouraging the kids to enjoy their time with him,” and keeps things amicable, it seems by “keeping the communication as positive as possible.” The kids spend two weekends a month with Jon.

On the dating front, Gosselin says “I’m trying to be a little more open-minded,” adding, “If there’s anybody out there that wants to deal with us; that would be good.”

Hmmm… what do you think Kate Gosselin’s prospects are? Will Kate find love and a solid guy to help her wrangle the kids?