Kate Gosselin Defends Her Parenting Via Twitter

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Kate Gosselin can't catch a break.

Kate Gosselin seriously cannot catch a break. Sure, she’s had some less than perfect moments as a parent, but haven’t we all? For whatever reason, I tend to be on her side whenever her parenting skills are put under fire by people who have nothing better to do than judge her. Cut the woman a little slack, already!

The latest anti-Kate reports have her labeled as a bad mother after a picture was snapped of her son, Collin, climbing under a car. Immediately, the tabloids jumped to the conclusion that Kate was being negligent and letting him play underneath a vehicle.

Nothing could have been further from the truth. It turns out that Kate’s daughter, Hannah, dropped her water bottle, and Collin asked Kate if he could retrieve it for her. Because she said “yes,” Kate is now defending her parenting via Twitter.

This morning, she tweeted, “I don’t need ur advice re Collin.u weren’t there,I corrected tabloid,all happened in under 3sec,I didn’t put child in danger.Move on now…”

As parents, we all do the best we can, and it just seems incredibly unfair that Kate is constantly under attack from people who don’t even know her. Can you imagine what sorts of things would be captured on film regarding your own kids if you had cameras following you 24/7?

I rest my case. Give Kate a break.




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