Kate Gosselin Does Budget Shopping For Her Childrens Easter Gifts


Kate Gosselin might have a television gig again, but that doesn’t mean she’s pulling out all of the stops for her children’s wish list these days. Instead, the former reality television star shared photos of her children enjoying what looked like a low-key Easter morning with their mother and plenty of new gifts and toys that don’t break the bank.

From the looks of it, the Gosselin kids were delighted to have received Easter baskets full of goodies which included chocolate eggs, cracker jacks, Legos, Barbies, paint sets, and so much more (I even saw a Barbie Mariposa in there, which my daughter absolutely loves!). While Kate obviously loves to give her children surprises and treats, it doesn’t look like she’s spoiling them to a certain Hollywood degree like she used to a few years ago. Isn’t it great to see celebrity moms treat their kids the same way you and I do? I mean really, the best thing that Kate Gosselin can do is to keep her kids grounded as much as possible, despite her television fame.

Plus, as a single mom trying to make ends meet, I’m sure Kate Gosselin is budget shopping wherever she can! And to that, we definitely applaud her. Check out our photos below and tell us, what did your kids get in their Easter baskets this year?




Photos via Twitter

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