Kate Gosselin Encourages Other Moms To Get Tummy Tucks!

kate gosselin
Kate Gosselin recommends tummy tuck to fans.

Not everyone may agree with Kate Gosselin’s parenting style on Kate Plus 8, but I don’t think that anyone can argue with the fact that she looks pretty darn good for giving birth to a set of twins AND a set of sextuplets. Plenty of moms would love to look as in shape and toned as Kate after having one baby, let alone after delivering eight!

Kate is often seen jogging near her home in Pennsylvania, and it’s clear that she works really hard to maintain her figure. Kate did, however, have a little work done in order to achieve that flat stomach of hers. In 2006, Kate had a tummy tuck to get rid of excess skin that was stretched out from her pregnancy with the sextuplets.

Kate is thrilled with the results, and even encourages other moms to have the procedure done if they are considering it. She told one fan on Twitter, “Get through the first two weeks of pain and yuck, and it’ll be the BEST decision you’ve ever made! How’s that?;).”

Plastic surgery has always scared me a bit. I’d rather deal with not having rock-hard abs than run the risk of something going wrong while I was on the table. Then again, if I’d carried multiples, maybe I would think differently.

Photo: Pacific Coast News