Kate Gosselin Finally Ditched Her Wedding Ring!



Until recently, Kate Gosselin was still wearing her wedding ring.  She was spotted out on Friday (July 24) near her home and the ring is now off her finger.

One more pic after the jump!


As estranged husband Jon flaunts his new single life, Kate must have realized there is no going back and it’s time for her to move forward.  See more pics of Kate sans wedding ring.

Kate told PEOPLE in June, “I haven’t taken off my ring.  It would devastate my kids.  It’s not nesessary.  I was looking at it while I was in the shower this morning, and I thought, I’m not taking it off.  I’m not ready.”

That’s a hard step to take, but hopefully she’s doing OK and explained as best she could to their children why she took her ring off.


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