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Kate Gosselin Gets Bashed!

By Sassy Smith |


It seems Kate Gosselin isn’t liked by her not-yet-ex-husband Jon Gosselin’s new girlfriend or her Facebook friends.  Hailey Glassman’s pals are sticking up for her and one person even referred to Kate as a gold digger.  Yes, she knew she’d marry Jon and have two sets of multiples, resulting in EIGHT children, thus making it possible for her to get a future reality TV show (and book deals) that pays the bills.  Yep, that Kate sure is a gold digger.


Here are a few things Hailey’s friends wrote on Facebook via Us:


Another added: “Everyone writing negative crap leave her alone!!!! She was NOT in a relationship with Kate – Jon was!!!! She has done nothing wrong!!!!! Furthermore: you have one life and should be happy!!! Jon deserves to be happy!!! Just because he has someone new in his life does NOT mean he is going to neglect his children!!! Kate goes around touring with her bodyguards promoting her books – she has lead her life and done what she
wants – so can Jon!!!! Good luck to both of you!!!”

“I don’t hate on you at all, do your thing!” wrote a third person. “No one knows the truth but you two and thats your buisness. Looks like you guys had a blast in France!”

Glassman — the daughter of the plastic surgeon who gave Kate Gosselin a tummy tuck in 2006 — replied to the words of encouragement by simply writing: “Thank you for all the support!”

An insider claims Hailey is with Jon “to get famous.”  Oh, hmm, ya think?

The source added, “I think after realizing she had a connection to Jon through her father and that Jon and Kate’s marriage was rocky, she saw an opportunity to get famous.”

Glassman apparently dumped James Appleton (who says he’s her “hookup” friend) and began dating Jon.

“A couple days later a mutual friend was like, ‘Oh hey, your girl Hailey is pretty famous. She’s dating this older guy who has like eight kids,” said James.

Well, if Hailey is hell-bent on getting famous, the best way to achieve that now, is to get pregnant, and try to get knocked up with multiples, not just one baby, and then perhaps she could get her own reality TV show!

Hailey Homewrecker Plus Jon The Cheater Who Has 8 Kids & 1 Ex-Wife.

I’m totally on team Kate and her kids.  If Jon wants to skank around date, fine, but at least show Kate and his children some respect by being slightly more discreet about it.  PLUS, ask your girlfriend to tell her friends to stop bashing the mother of your kids.


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8 thoughts on “Kate Gosselin Gets Bashed!

  1. milipan says:

    This seems to be further evidence into the fact that maybe Kate was hard on Jon for good reason, at least partly. Jon appears to be a selfish slacker.

  2. kris says:

    i agree with wat was send about. Also every1 in America felt bad for Jon because Kate was always so mean, but if she wasn’t nothign would have gotten done. If you watch the other sextuplet show, you see their house is chaos.jon and Kate’s were never like that becuase she was so organized and her kids are very well-mannered now . I think if Jon didn’t like to be bossed around he should have stepped up to the plate and actually taken control instead of leaving his family to go “hang out in France” with a Girl who wasn’t even legal when his 8kids were born. Its going to come back to bite him in the butt and hes going to regret leaving his kids. I guarantee it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think Hailey is the gold digger. I do agree that she and Jon have more in common than Jon & Kate did (not discounting their 8 children). They are both lowlife scum. Having Hailey Glassman’s friends defend her isn’t much of a defense. They don’t have any more class than she does. If she had a penny for every time she showed some class, she’d be broke and really digging for Jon’s money & notoriety. Enjoy your flash in the pan, Hailey. You’re already on the way out.

  4. katie says:

    i am 100% supportive of kate! yeah she seemed like a hard ass and was a bit controlling but point one- if she wasnt this is probably how john would have always acted and two john could have stuck up for him self once in a while not just sit in the corner like a pussy and take it he could have told her to back off or talk to her one on one and be like okay things need to changed a lil….i agree also with the fact this hailey chick is after fame and fortune she could care less about the kids and i read that kate doesnt want her anywhere near the kids which i think is soo true! ppl should not say kate doesnt care about her kids and that she isnt doing it for her kids b/c she is and if u cant tell she is raising 8 kids on her own right now. i think kate deserves full custody of her kids and john and hailey to get the heck out of town. i no its mean to say but right now it looks like john would rather have a 23 year old gold digger than be with his kids.good luck with ur future john and hailey i hope it sucks. and kate i hope that ur future with ur 8 kids r amazing! they r beautiful and have a great mother! :)

  5. [...] Kate Gosselin is reportedly not happy about her estranged husband Jon’s new girlfriend, Hailey Glassman, 22.  Glassman is the daughter of Kate’s plastic surgeon (who performed her tummy tuck).  According to friends, Kate does not want Hailey anywhere near her eight children. [...]

  6. Rosana says:

    I have always thought that Kate is a non-perfect good mother. At the same time, I agree with Milipan’s description of Jon as a selfish slacker :)

  7. sue says:

    Kate NOW IS A GOLD DIGGER. Gold digger doesn’t mean that pursuing a rich husband. All matters to her is money. She doesn’t have family or friends. Her own brother has turned away from her, because she used him as a vehicle for success and never wanted to give a penny for all the favors her brother offered. she never had her parents around… she never had grand parents for the kids, now she thinks no father is fine for the kids. Totally wrong! Read this. We all know that Jon didn’t want a divorce and he is not the type who would go against Kate’s will.,,20292198,00.html

  8. connie parsons says:

    I have watched Jon and Kate since it first came on. I know that Kate was hard on Jon sometimes, but she had more than her hands full with eight kids and him. I wish I was more organized like her. Jon always got more irritated on the show with the kids, like they were a bother top him. Kate was acting like a good mom who tried to keep things going and I applaud her for that….eight young kids to keep straight..oh my goodness…Jon is acting like a dog in heat…He has gone from light to darkness..Hailey is not someone I would want around my kids..just because she comes from a rich family does not mean she has class..she is a golddigger and wants to be in the best wishes to kate and the kids they are better off

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