Kate Gosselin Gets Double The Help In The Kitchen


kate gosselin, kate plus 8
Kate Gosselin gets help in the kitchen from her girls!

Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin is not one to take her job as mom of eight too lightly. But when she’s offered a helping hand or two, she’ll take what she can get.

Gosselin recently tweeted that she has quite a few hands helping her in the kitchen these days in the form of her twins, Cara and Mady, 10.

“omg I just love as they get older, they enjoy helping in the kitchen! My girls prepare and serve (easy) meals now! Woo hoo!”

We wonder what these easy meals are – macaroni and cheese? salad? Tell us more, Kate!

Do you kids enjoy helping in the kitchen? What are your favorite meals together?

[Photo via Pacific Coast News.]