Kate Gosselin Goes Home To Jon & The Twins



Kate Gosselin and her sextuplets have spent nearly two weeks away from their Pennsylvania home.  They were vacationing on Bald Head Island, North Carolina, as well as filming an episode for TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus 8.

Jon has been home and out with two different women with the couple’s twin daughters, Mady and Cara.  So, how did the reunion go?  Well, Kate was obviously glad to see her older kids, but kept her distance from her husband.

The couple were not photographed together as Jon and the kids played in the back yard.  Beginning of the end?  Or are Jon and Kate making the most of their strained marriage for the cameras?  Remember how high the shows ratings were on opening night of season five and then dropped by show two and three because the show focused more on the kids than on Jon and Kate?  Perhaps they want to keep that money train rollin’?  Yes, I’m sure the kids will appreciate that as they get older and become painfully away of how their lives were played out for all to see.


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