Kate Gosselin Got $500,000 for Dancing With The Stars!


Kate Gosselin was paid $500,000 for her appearance on Dancing with the Stars, according to PopEater. If you are doing the math, that breaks down to $100,000 per episode, since Kate was eliminated pretty early on. It also means that while the rest of us were sitting on our couches at home, drinking wine and taking pot shots at about Kate’s lackluster dancing ability, Kate Gosselin was laughing all the way to the bank.
Of course, it’s hard to begrudge her the money. She is supporting eight kids by herself, and all those matching outfits don’t come cheap.

“Say what you want about her, but Kate will do anything to make sure her children have a bright future, the source told Pop Eater. “Even making a fool out of herself on national TV.”

Kate will be strapping on her dancing shoes one more time, taking the stage tonight as part of the Dancing with the Stars finale. Also, the winning couple will be crowned, and while Kate won’t go home with the title, she’s got half a million dollars to console her. It’s hard not to call that a victory.