Kate Gosselin Has Support From "The View" Ladies



Kate Gosselin has at least five fans!  The reality TV mom-of-eight has the full support of the women of The View.

Barbara Walters agrees that Kate Plus 8 should remain on the TV airwaves.  She said, “When she’s been on with us on The View we have a special feeling for her.  I think she’s in a very difficult position and trying to handle it as best she can.”

Walters, 80, added, “I think it’s very difficult for Kate.  I think it’s very difficult for the children.”  And “for the sake of the children, I hope the series will continue.”

Sherri Shepherd is on team Kate, too.  “It makes me very angry because I can understand that you guys are going through difficulities,” said the single mom-of-one.

“But when you do things like pull all of your money (referring to what Jon allegedly did) out of the account that’s shared with your wife, it affects your children – the ultimate losers in this are your children.”

Sherri added, “When she has no money to pay her bills, it affects your kids, and that makes me really angry.”

Her advice for Kate?  “I think the best advice you can give a woman who’s going through that, is just support and [let her know] you’re just there,” said Shepherd.

Do you think the TLC program should continue?  It is a source of income for Kate and the kids… so, is it a good idea to continue?