Kate Gosselin Has The Answers To All Your Questions


kate-gosselin-healthtexEverything you ever wanted to know about Kate Gosselin is right here. I so wish I could leave the page blank, but alas she said something that someone, somewhere cares about.

She said that the renewal ceremony in Hawaii was staged. What? Oh man I missed that.

Here’s some snippets of the interview:

“I’ve done enough years on TV that I feel like it’s a normal, comfortable, natural place to be.

“I really don’t want to be married again, but I don’t want to be alone. The alone-ness is really alone.”

“Hello, have you seen out show? Yes, I do flip out.”  I love this one!!!

“I knew the dogs needed more than I could give them. Are they gone forever? I’m hoping not.”

Now ask a question and pick whichever answer fists best.