Kate Gosselin Holiday Shopping with the Twins: Where Are the Other Kids?


Kate Gosselin was spotted out shopping with her twins the day after Black Friday, but where were the younger kids?

Kate tweeted: “Such a fun day!Out w my big girls, shopping!Littles r having fun@ friends house,so’big girls (+mom) it is!So good 2spend qual X w my tweens!”

Later in the day, Gosselin shared her savings from the day: “GN tweeties! It’s been a long day of shopping&Saved $58 with coupons and gas points 2day=good day!;) Tomorrow TGiving turns2Christmas here!”

Kate may have had girls Mady and Cara along for shopping at Michael’s Crafts, Bed Bath and Beyond and Target, but she skipped out on the Black Friday craziness, sharing:

“Once Thanksgiving is all over, it truly hits me: The holiday season is upon me and this mom of eight kids had better get shopping… and fast! In the past, I have been known to shop year-round, which I will still do if something special for someone on my list catches my eye. I’ve watched and noticed, though, that the deals on Black Friday, whether you are using printable coupons from CouponCabin or shopping online with coupon codes, the deals truly are best online around the holidays.

I discovered this wonderful world of internet shopping way back when I was stranded at home with eight kids under the age of four years old. Even now, that sounds nearly impossible. Let’s be clear though: Even though my kids may be more mobile now, I am still NOT known to fight the Black Friday crowds in the stores as soon as my last bite of turkey is swallowed. There are those who are willing to risk indigestion and sleep deprivation in order to catch a great bargain, but I am not one of them.”

From the looks of the photos of Kate Gosselin and her girls shopping, Kate is bundled in a vest, pants and boots, while the girls wear shorts!

No need to worry about the twins – it was unseasonably warm in the Northeast yesterday, so the girls weren’t freezing. It does make you wonder if Kate was hot in that vest though!

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