Kate Gosselin Is Furious! (PHOTOS)


Kate Gosselin

Jon & Kate Plus 8 reality TV mom, Kate Gosselin, is furious!  Rightly so, in my opinion.  While estranged husband Jon parades his new girlfriend around, Kate is holding the fort down with their eight children.  Jon said he’d “be there” for his kids, I guess he meant in France with his new flame, smoking and wearing his Ed Hardy clothing.

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A source said Kate “is furious,” about Jon’s recent trip.  I can see her point.  The ink isn’t even dry on their divorce papers… isn’t even FINALIZED, yet Jon has moved on, big time.  He may even be engaged.  Please tell me there is NO BABY on the way.  That might send Kate over the edge.

Jon is now back in the US to begin filming for future Jon & Kate episodes, while Hailey, his new skank lady love, remains in France.

Hopefully, now that Jon is back, he plans on spending some time with his kids.  Wonder if he brought back anything for them from St. Tropez?


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