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Kate Gosselin Is Furious! (PHOTOS)

By Sassy Smith |

Kate Gosselin

Jon & Kate Plus 8 reality TV mom, Kate Gosselin, is furious!  Rightly so, in my opinion.  While estranged husband Jon parades his new girlfriend around, Kate is holding the fort down with their eight children.  Jon said he’d “be there” for his kids, I guess he meant in France with his new flame, smoking and wearing his Ed Hardy clothing.

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A source said Kate “is furious,” about Jon’s recent trip.  I can see her point.  The ink isn’t even dry on their divorce papers… isn’t even FINALIZED, yet Jon has moved on, big time.  He may even be engaged.  Please tell me there is NO BABY on the way.  That might send Kate over the edge.

Jon is now back in the US to begin filming for future Jon & Kate episodes, while Hailey, his new skank lady love, remains in France.

Hopefully, now that Jon is back, he plans on spending some time with his kids.  Wonder if he brought back anything for them from St. Tropez?


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12 thoughts on “Kate Gosselin Is Furious! (PHOTOS)

  1. afiveo says:

    don’t you think kate would like to go to France? Or find a new man? But she doesn’t, she takes care of her kids. No matter what anyone thinks of her mothering skills, she’s THERE at least.

  2. sowhat says:

    sorry but kate showed her colors from season 1. i couldn’t stand her from the first time i saw her. her voice made my ears bleed. she’s a controlling cold heart b. well i don’t know her but that’s how she consistantly portrays herself. sorry kate.

  3. Ava says:

    She is mothering real well while checking her iphone for emails while her kids drink from bottle drinks of sugar juice. Who parades their kids on a blanket in the FRONT yard for paparazzi to film when they have a huge backyard to let them play in? Do you see her interacting with her kids in the above photos? Too busy texting.

  4. Teresa says:

    Take the kids Kate, keep them from Jon’s poor lifestyle!! When you take away his money, the matresses (EASY BIMBOS)will disappear! Then maybe he will have time to be a DADDY…if it is not too late!!!

  5. ShaLO says:

    Kate may be a bitch, but Jon is a Douche Bag. His girlfriend appears to simply be a hot mess. Kate’s looking pretty good these days.

  6. all true says:

    Kate is a bitch, and Jon is a douchebag – one does not negate the other. The losers here are the kids, who are stuck between an OCD control freak and an overgrown teenager.

  7. Rosana says:

    It surprises me how easy people judges Kate. She has never said she is not a bitch and a control freak, never. But I knew from the begining of the show that the only reason she treated him like she did is because she knew the underachiever, uncompromised father he was, even when she does not say it. I actually see Kate on a better light than most mothers that spend their time critizicing her parenting and think they are above her. We all make mistakes and that is a lesson you all should have learned early on in parenting.

  8. all true says:

    It looks like she treats everyone that way, not just Jon. I guess I’d have more sympathy for her if she’d admit her role in the marriage’s collapse (other than a vague “I’m not always nice, but it’s Jon’s fault anyway”) and give him some credit for all the day to day stuff he has done with the kids. She bears some of the responsibility as well, though their dynamic – snappish, agressive woman and passive-agressive, wussy man – is played out in relationships every day.

  9. Valalala says:

    how can you have 8 kids and not be a bitch and a control freak?

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  12. Michelle says:

    Comments I think that Jon is having a med life crisis and he is confused. If not, why would he be so concerned about his wedding ring. He needs to grow up and take some responsibility for the family he created. He should be embrassed by his recent behaviour with this girl he has been with. His children should come first. As for his recent interview, when I was in high I made statements like ” I love Hailey and not Kate” etc. He is showing how self centered he is and also how confused I think he is. I believe this girl is just a re-bound thing to try to hurt Kate and his kids. What does his family think? Everyone talks about Kate at least she is with the kids on a daily basis and still trying to give them a normal life. Also, still working to support them and him. When has he ever worked? As for the issues regarding Kate if you ever read her book Multiply Blessings in their she stated that she is a neat freak and afraid of germs. Someone around there has to keep things under control. At least kate has a education and some class. We’ve seen that Jon does not. I hope that Kate continues to be strong for her children and does not let his immaturity interfere with their lives. He will soon see, that no one is interested in him or his flavour of the month. So, hold your head up high Kate and we will be praying for you and the kids. You will eventually get past this and hopefully you’ll find someone who appreciates you and your beautiful children.

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