Kate Gosselin Is Lonely



While Jon Gosselin is busy with his many women, estranged wife Kate has kept a fairly low profile – well, as low a profile as a TV celebrity mom can keep.  She’s been taking charge of her new life as a single mom, but she’s only human, and according to pals, is lonely.

Jamie Ayers, one of Kate’s closest friends, is speaking out about her split from Jon and says media reports that paint Kate as a “monster” are totally off the mark.

Ayers told Life & Style about her recent visit with her friend, “It was good for her — she’s lonely now that Jon’s gone.”

She added, “Kate’s trying to do more than be just a mom, the kind of stuff Jon would’ve done.  She wants to be well-rounded for the kids.”

I’m guessing Kate’s main focus right now is her children and their well-being.  But one day, when she’s ready to start dating, I’m sure there will be someone out there who won’t be afraid to be with someone who has eight kids!  Maybe?  Of course!