Kate Gosselin Is Still Teaching Us How To Use Our Money (Photos)

Frugal mama? Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin is doing what she bests well, actually the only thing she’s doing at the moment blogging her advice on how to save money over at

Love her or hate her, you’d have to admit, there really is nothing wrong with saving money and especially in this economy. In Kate’s new money saving tips, she talks about buying in bulk, cooking from scratch and recycle, recycle, recycle!

The mother-of-eight also givs some great advice on her kids’ school lunches: she packs them! Personally, I’ve been packing my own lunch since I was in the third grade, and I do the same with my husband’s and my kids’ lunches. It’s the easiest way to save a good $50 a week.

Check out our gallery for more of Kate’s money-saving ideas and tell us what you think.

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    Tip #1
    I buy ‘half a cow' at a time in different cuts, which equals about 400 pounds of organic meat. This alone reduces my beef prices to a fraction of what I would pay in the grocery store if I bought one cut at a time. I also do this with chicken. I visit a local organic chicken outlet and buy straight from the factory store. Most times I package it myself into portions that are right for us, using my Food Saver (which I LOVE!)! We use about 3 whole chicken breasts per meal at this point. I also buy bulk products wherever else I can. Typically the bigger you're buying, the lower the price per unit.
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    Tip #2
    Before I throw anything away, I put it aside and try to think of a new use for it. When my kids get too tall for their jeans, I cut them off to use as summer outside play shorts. I reuse Ziploc bags by rinsing them out and reusing them. I could go on and on. Don't get me wrong— I LOVE an organized house and I LOVE to throw stuff away, but if I set it aside and think for awhile, chances are I can come up with a new cost-saving use.
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    Tip #3
    Don't get tricked into buying the 28.4 ounce bottle of lotion because it is on sale at Target. The 36 ounce bottle sitting next to it actually costs 2 cents LESS per ounce not on sale. That's why I win whenever I use my calculator (and I LOVE that hidden bargain)!
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    Tip #4
    Just by cooking every meal and packing 40 school lunches each week, I figure I save $125 per week on school lunches and at least $450 per week because I cook every night for dinner. Takeout or dinner out averages about $100 per meal for us. By cooking, I'm not spending more than $250 per week. Our average school lunch costs about $5. For me, that's a cost of $200 per week. I can pack a week's worth of school lunches for about $90. And those lunches are even organic!
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    Tip #5
    Unless kids are taught that things cost money, they won't know. I teach my kids to save electricity by turning off a light when they leave a room, to save water when they can and to wear an outfit a second time. I teach my children that by working hard, you make money and that you should choose wisely how to spend your money. It will help them to become successful and responsible adults.
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    Tip #6
    Sometimes organization alone can help you save money. I keep a running list of products I need to buy from Target, Whole Foods, Giant (our local grocery store) and others. When we are on the second to last item of its kind, I mark it down to buy during my next trip to that store. By knowing what we need, I don't spend more than I need to because I'm not guessing my list is always right there on my phone!
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    Tip #7
    I keep coupons in my purse at all times. I carry a small silver coupon organizer in my bag so it's handy when I need to save! Coupons are truly money in your pocket as I've said a hundred times before. Why pay more for an item when you can pay less? I truly live by this.


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