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Kate Gosselin: Jon Wanted Out Of The Marriage

By Sassy Smith |


Despite Kate Gosselin being the one to file for divorce first, she says it was Jon who wanted out, and wanted out for a very long time.  She never would have gone this route, but felt she had no choice.

Kate told PEOPLE:

“He does not want to be married to me anymore.  No questions asked, he went and hired a lawyer and said you better get one. So I did. I never would have made that step; I never would have done it.”

Gosselin said she nor Jon ever used the words “separation” or “divorce” when telling their eight children.  But Kate admits, “I’m not naive.  I know that my kids will come out of this to a degree, with some sort of dysfunction.  I’m not stupid.”

Senior writer for People magazine, Michelle Tan, told The Early Show on Wednesday, that the reality TV star is “going through a myriad of emotions.”

Tan added, “There are days where she feels relief.  Right now, this is the end of a lot of tension that’s been building for the last six months.  To actually have a resolution, albeit not a happy one, she’s sensing some relief but, at the same time, she’s feeling like she’s failed.  This is a woman who has never quit at all at anything she’s ever done.”

One of the Gosselin twins, according to Tan, said she wasn’t surprised by her parents splitting (aw, how sad is that?).  The younger kids however, aren’t as aware of what’s happening.  It will take time for the news to register.

Tan said, “And the little kids just said, ‘You know what, it’s great, when is my next snack?’  They’re very young.  It will take time for them to register.”

Kate said their TLC show is not to blame for the breakdown of their marriage – it would have happened regardless.  “This is a situation that absolutely would have happened whether the cameras were here or not.  I don’t want people thinking we traded marriage for fame.  Ever.”

As for where she and Jon are now?  Kate said, “I don’t hate Jon. He’s lost, he’s confused. I don’t look at him 100 percent of the time with horrible anger and animosity.”

Jon and Kate have started negotiating the terms of their divorce.

Kate is right, their kids will no doubt have some issues, coming from divorced parents, but, that doesn’t mean they can’t lead wonderful, fulfilled lives!  If Jon and Kate keep their focus on the well-being of the kids, stay civil to one another and show each other respect, those kids will be just fine in the long run.  Good luck Gosselins!


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0 thoughts on “Kate Gosselin: Jon Wanted Out Of The Marriage

  1. CMV says:

    I feel for the children!!

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  3. Ali says:

    My bet is he is tired of her being assertive and of having to schlep those kids around. He just wants to play and be the baby again. Good luck chubbie! I believe Kate. I dont think she would have ever given up. I bet she wanted to do marriage counseling and Wittle Johnny said no. Gemini men are notorious womanizers. Aries women always stand by their mates and fight for their marriage. They make good wives.

  4. Kara says:

    I don’t believe her for a second. I think she’s completely covering her tail by being so outspoken about the disintegration of their marriage. I feel for Jon – I imagine the past few years have been hard being at home with the kids full-time while Kate is out on book tour. And you only have to watch episodes over the course of each season to see just how much she has been changed by the fame and where her priorities are right now.

  5. Honest Abe says:

    Jon and Kate can and should share the guilt and responsibility for the failure of their marriage. Both made horrible choices that were not in the best interests of their family. What a tragedy for the children. I hope they get lots of help dealing with the anger they will likely have when they watch the demise of their parents’ marriage on film.

  6. Hetty Fauxvert says:

    “If Jon and Kate keep their focus on the well-being of the kids, stay civil to one another and show each other respect, those kids will be just fine in the long run.”
    - This is an interesting and mostly well-written article, but the above quote is crap. Certainly, it is better for the divorcing parents to be civil rather than otherwise, but statistically, children of divorce are worse off in every way than kids from intact marriages. They are more likely to get divorced themselves as adults, they have more psychological problems, they are more likely to live in poverty (though of course this last is unlikely for these particular kids). And with the parents now taking half the time with the kids, or some such, they are going to have to use nannies and so forth even more than they already have, just because it’s impossible for one person to herd eight children around. (I have twins and I can barely herd them around by myself when my husband leaves town! LOL!) So to say the kids will be “just fine” is not really true. With any luck, they won’t be any more screwed up than kids from any other divorce, but it is still not as good as living with both parents.

  7. Tom says:

    >>But Kate admits, “I’m not naive. I know that my kids will come out of this to a degree, with some sort of dysfunction. I’m not stupid.”<<

    Give me a break, Kate (and everyone else who blindly subscribes to this nuclear-family-is-the-only-way nonsense.) All family is dysfunctional to some extent and thus, creates dysfunctional kids. Mom and dad may fight a lot and the kids are affected by this. Parents may pick favorites, leaving the un-favorite to feel rejected and lash out constantly as a result. A kid may prefer mom over dad and daddy takes this badly, spending less time at home and the kid loses out on a male role model. Maybe Dad does not know how to show their love to their kid. Perhaps mom does everything for her kid to show her love but as a result, the kid cannot take care of themselves, etc, etc, etc.

    There’s no end to the many ways that kids from squeeky clean nuclear families can grow into adult hood with psychological problems, live in poverty, etc. Likewise, Divorce does not have to be a ticket to demise of a child’s life. Divorce means that the family has forever changed and as long as the parents can get over the drama and stay focused on the well being of their children…everything will be just fine (or rather, just as ‘fine’ as a nuclear family can be.)

  8. wendy says:

    I don’t think these kids will be any more or less hurt by divorce than any other kids. I do think they could be hurt by having it all played out in the public eye. Having access to footage of the disintegration of their parents’ marriage could be very hurtful.

  9. Brooke says:

    I feel sorry for Kate if she feels she failed or that her children will be dysfunctional. I know plenty of people whose parents are divorced like my own. Sure I have had some dysfunction in my life but I outgrew it by adulthood and it had more to do with neglect and abuse then my parents divorce. I also know seriously dysfunctional people whose parents never divorced. I’m the kids will turn out alright.

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  11. divorced mom says:

    Kate has taken the offensive and done her best to paint Jon as an immature slacker who could only follow her lead and many have taken her words as gospel. Anyone who watches the show can see that 1) he used to get up and leave the house at 7:00 to go to work, but he always made coffee for her (she had a note to show exactly how she liked it) and leave it by her side table because in her own words, she does not get up before 8:00 because she is not a morning person. They see him loading kid after kid after kid into the van, but don’t see her doing it or helping to do it. Even in the days when he was working full time, he was up at 4 am to get the kids ready for a trip into the city to be on Martha Stewart’s show. And we only see him doing the work and the preparation, not her. We also see him say that he follows orders because it saves him from getting into trouble later. This means that even though he has ideas about how to do things, she does not respect him enough to allow him to do it any way but her way. So of course Kate fans make disparaging remarks about him (yes, name calling does wonders for promoting rational discussion) being unable to do anything without her telling him what to do and being lazy. What they seem to miss are that her notes are for lunch “servers” telling them what to do. She also has the kids down for a nap from 12:30 until 4:00, so there is proof that she is not doing everything herself, no matter how hard she tries to promote that myth. Not only that, in her own words, when Alexis was about 18 months old, she pooped in her bed and her diaper leaked. Kate says that she has NEVER encountered anything like that (8 kids, with the youngest 18 months old and she has NEVER encountered poop she has to clean up? She also whispers to Alexis that she should have saved it for Daddy to do. And she says that it is Jon that usually gives the baths. Any mother who has had even one baby is familiar with cleaning up after poop. If she hadn’t done it, despite having so many kids, then you know that Jon is the one doing it all or a good part of it, and perhaps helpers are doing the rest. What you know from Kate’s own words are that SHE is NOT doing it, giving them baths and cleaning up after them. Aunt Jodi had mentioned something about that and Kate’s own words prove that she was right. So to the many who criticize without looking at facts: check your facts first. Don’t be so eager to believe in blind faith. God gives us discernment when we ask Him for it. Ask for it and use it.

  12. 4thekids says:

    Yes, Kate did not want the divorce. She never would have done it, but Jon told her to, so she did it because he told her to. Anyone who has ever watched the show has seen exactly how well Kate takes directions from Jon and how often she complies with his wishes. And if what she is saying is true, then her statement about doing what is best for the kids is not, because if for the first time she actually listened and complied with his wishes, it would be by doing something that is harmful to the kids. Kate could have insisted on counseling before she would agree to file. Watching her twist the truth is awful, and what is worse is watching her fans accept every word she says as being true without exercising any critical thinking skills.

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