Kate Gosselin on Joy Behar: Kate Talks Co-parenting with Jon Gosselin, Joy's Dating Advice (Video)

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Kate Gosselin talks about Jon Gosselin on Joy Behar

Watch Kate Gosselin on The Joy Behar Show in this video clip, where Kate talks about co-parenting with Jon Gosselin and gets some interesting dating advice from Joy!

Joy Behar says she’s on Kate’s side and understands that she has to be on TV to make money for her family as a single parent.

Behar asks Kate, “How is your relationship with Jon these days? Do you make him grovel at all, cause I would!”

Kate maintains, “No, honestly I don’t, because I need to put my energy toward raising my kids. There’s not enough of me to go around even if I was married, and had a happy marriage.”

She says she responds positively to him and keeps her words positive, saying “what is best for the kids” is her mantra.

As for Jon Gosselin dating, Kate says “It’s not any of my business.”

Is Gosselin dating? No, but Joy Behar joked, “I hope it’s someone with a vasectomy … you have enough kids, don’t you think?”

Behar also thinks the next guy should be really rich!