Kate Gosselin: Why So Much Kate Hate?


Kate Haters Why People Hate Kate GosselinKate Gosselin. People either love or despise Kate Gosselin. Why is there so much “Kate Hate”? The reality TV divorced mom of eight instantly creates controversy wherever she goes.

Gosselin generates a huge amount of hostility but she also has a massive fan base who adore her.  Just ask the producers of Dancing with the Stars! The reality dance show had the highest ratings ever when Kate Gosselin was a contestant because her fans and her foes were glued to the TV screen.

What is it about Kate Gosselin that makes people so emotional?

I’ll admit, Kate has been acting a little strange lately, getting on national TV to discuss her family problems. But people get totally crazed with their Kate Hate. There is a Facebook fan page called I Hate Kate Gosselin that has almost 3,000 members!  The blog GosselinsWithoutPity is one of the most popular anti-Kate (and Jon) has comments that make my blood run cold!

HollywoodLife’s Bonnie Fuller defended Gosselin earlier this year in a passionate blog post:

And listen Kate haters — I can assure you that she’s not BS-ing about Jon’s utter irresponsibility. As someone who follows the goings on of the Gosselin household, I can tell you Jon hasn’t been photographed with his kids  at all since  Feb 28. He’s MIA.

I have my own feelings about mom Gosselin but I want to hear what you have to say!  Are you a Kate Gosselin fan or foe?

Photo: PacificCoastNews