Kate Gosselin Kate Plus 8: Flirts with Guy, He Has No Idea Who She Is! (Video)

Kate Gosselin Kate Plus 8 cupcake episode date flirting
Kate Gosselin on Kate Plus 8

Kate Gosselin is window shopping for a new man – that’s one way to get a date!

In the new episode of Kate Plus 8, Kate and the Gosselin kids work at the Georgetown Cupcake bakery making cupcakes, when Kate spies a handsome guy out the window.

Gosselin has to act fast or he’ll get away, so she sends her bodyguard out into the street to snag the guy and Kate comes running behind, shaking her cupcakes.

Well, one cupcake anyway, as she brings a sweet offering to try and win the dude’s heart.

Guess what? He only eats gluten-free stuff.

Guess what else? He has no idea who Kate Gosselin is!

Kate quickly brings him into the bakery and snags him a gluten-free treat before sending him on his way.

Seems dietary restrictions are a turn off for Kate. You hear that, eligible bachelors?