Kate Gosselin Kate Plus 8 Kids on Gosselin Dating, Getting Married (Video)

Kate Gosselin Kate Plus 8 canceled dating video
Kate Gosselin and kids weigh in on Kate dating

While Kate Gosselin has been busy telling the media that her kids can’t wait for her to date and get married, it sounds like the kids aren’t all that sure if it’s a good idea.

On last night’s Kate Plus 8, Gosselin answered fan questions, one of which was about her dating status.

While Kate says she’s not dating and that any guy she starts seeing will have to be “in for the long haul before the kids even get to meet them,” the kids were also brought in on the discussion.
And guess what? They’re aren’t all on board, as you would expect eight kids to have eight different opinions.

One kid has some strong requirements about who mommy Gosselin should date and marry: “I don’t want a hobo to marry Mommy.”

The kids also needed reassurance that dad Jon Gosselin wouldn’t be out of the picture either, which you can hear Kate noting from off camera that they would still see daddy.


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