Kate Gosselin Leaves Kids With Jon Gosselin Instead of Nanny For Australia Trip

Kate Gosselin is getting short on cash.

Wow. Kate Gosselin must definitely be trying to cut corners now that her reality TV career is over. A new report from insists that Kate chose to leave her eight kids with her husband, Jon Gosselin, instead of with a nanny while she is on a trip to Australia.

Actually, the title of the article reads, “Kate Gosselin Finally Lets Jon Gosselin Babysit Her Kids While She Heads to Australia!”

Wait a minute. Isn’t Jon Gosselin the father of those kids? Then how does him taking care of his own children qualify as “babysitting?” Isn’t that what dads are supposed to do?

A source told Hollybaby, “Kate knows she needs to be careful with her spending and is doing her best to cut back … that includes babysitters and nannies. Kate realizes that she will have to rely on Jon more even though she can’t stand it.”

Of her little Australian excursion, the source said, “Even if she (Kate) might not be able to afford to go to Australia, she’ll do it anyway.”

Hmm. Kate may not be able to shell out as much cash for babysitters and nannies, but that coupon blogging gig of hers must allow her to make ends meet if she can afford a vacation down under.

If you had to choose between a trip to Australia and having some extra money to employ someone responsible to help with your kids when you need them to, which would you go for?

That’s what I thought.