Kate Gosselin Longs For A Father For Her Eight Children


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Kate Gosselin is looking for a man to love.

Kate Gosselin is longing for a father figure for her eight children as well as someone to call her love. The Kate Plus 8 star took to her twitter to let fans know exactly why she’s been single for so long.

“Would like to have another adult here tho at some point! Kids long for it too,” she tweeted. “I’m not in a spot to be good at trust … I get what you are saying tho. Its why I’m still just little me! All alone! Can’t trust!”

And the single mom definitely has reasons to not trust everyone she comes in contact with. Her ex-husband Jon had relations with one of the family babysitters after the two separated.

With eight children, do you think Kate will ever find love?

Check out Kate’s laundry “war zone” below.










[Photo via Pacific Coast News.]

Considering ex-hubby, Jon’s Famous Public Affair on national TV, we can’t blame Kate!