Kate Gosselin Mingles With Ivanka Trump And Joan Rivers (Photos)


It looks like it was another day on the set of the Celebrity Apprentice for Kate Gosselin! The former reality television star was spotted mingling with A-list stars Ivanka Trump and Joan Rivers while filming a segment for the show in Central Park in New York City on Tuesday afternoon. Now while I’m not totally sure, it looks like Kate and a few other ladies on the show were given the task to sell Ivanka Trump’s new shoe line in a challenge.

All three ladies looked ravishing and while I usually don’t watch the Celebrity Apprentice, there is no doubt that I’m going to tune in this next season. With such outspoken stars as Kate Gosselin, Brandi Glandville, and Kenya Moore, you know things are going to get heated up in that boardroom! And it will also be interesting to see how everyone is going to try and survive on the show without getting fired. Talk about MUST SEE TV!

Check out our photos below and let us know what you think!








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