Kate Gosselin Minus Her 8 for Christmas



With the children away for Christmas, will Kate plan a me-time getaway?

On Christmas morning, the Gosselin house will be unusually quiet. The famous octet will be heading over to dad Jon’s to celebrate, leaving mom Kate on her own – a “Silent Day,” if you will. A source tells that Kate and Jon will be splitting the holiday this year; she’ll spend Christmas Eve with the kids, and then he’ll come to collect them in the morning.

Though it’s hard for any mom to be without her children on special occasions like this, the source adds that Kate is “just fine” with the arrangement. The once-bitter exes had a similar arrangement over Thanksgiving, with Kate doing the turkey dinner for the kids and Jon taking them for a visit on Black Friday.

Spending Christmas in two households no doubt means double the presents for the younger Gosselins. But they already have the best gift of all: parents who are trying to get along and putting their kids first for once. It’s hard enough being children of divorce without having Mom and Dad trash-talk each other in the tabs.

Peace on earth, good will toward all Gosselins!

[Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News]