Kate Gosselin Moving Kids to Hollywood?


Maybe she’s sick of doing the plane thing? Bundling up all eight kids for the Northeast winters? Or maybe she’s thinking with all the cameras parked outside her Pennsylvania home, she might as well be in Hollywood.

Whatever it is, Kate Gosselin is thinking of packing up and heading west, according to Popeater–and she is shopping for both a new house and a new agent.

Popeater is reporting that she isn’t just looking for any house, either.  She is looking at mansions in Hollywood Hills with asking prices in the 2 million dollar range. And that’s not all–her requirements include a pool, six bedrooms, a hot tub and–wait for it–a recording studio.

You have to hand it to her: Kate Gosselin has managed to turn her fifteen minutes of fame into a franchise, cashing in on our collective preoccupation with multiple births, reality TV and train-wreck marriages. But the question is, will she be able to turn her franchise into an empire?

Well, she’s made it this far. I wouldn’t bet against her, that’s for sure.


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