Kate Gosselin Plays With Best Toy Ever


OK, I have made my fair share of comments about Kate and Jon Gosselin’s propensity to spend all of their family time on the front lawn of their house, which I have surmised is part of their ongoing publicity stunt campaign to prove to the world that they really are pretty good parents. But today I take back all my snide remarks, because I see now that Kate Gosselin is the best mother ever. My change of heart has to do with the fact that she got her kids the GiGa Ball, which is the giant inflatable ball you see in this picture. If you haven’t heard, it is only the best toy ever.

So what is it, exactly? Well, it is a giant inflatable ball that you get to put a person into and then roll around, kind of like the Vitruvian man. Tell me that doesn’t sound like a good time. And if you had seven little people to do all the legwork of rolling the eighth person around and steering them out of the way of passing cars and large trees, (as Kate does) I would imagine that you can just blow this thing up, pour yourself a cocktail and just watch your kids try not to kill each other. Presto! Instant entertainment. Apparently, the company that makes them also makes a giant ball you can stand in and walk on water–and if anyone is looking for mother’s day gifts for me this year, either of these two things would suffice. You can get it at for just under $200.


Edited 5/3, 9:45 PM to correct grammar.