Kate Gosselin Reportedly Suffering From Depression Following TLC Show Cancellation

Depressed: Kate Gosselin

Reality television mom Kate Gosselin had thought that her TLC show, Kate Plus 8, would last as long as well, The Simpsons.

Well it looks like Marge Simpson is laughing her way to the bank as Kate’s reality show was given the axe by the network that gave it it’s fame, despite Kate saying she’d like to see the show run until her kids’ high school years.

Now it’s being reported that the single mom is suffering from depression due to the cancellation and the only thing that might help her is….. a good prescription of reality.

A source tells “Kate is devastated.  She had no idea that her show was going to be cancelled, she thought this was something they’d film on and off until the kids went to college.”

“Kate thought the show would go on forever, she expected it to,” the source added.

Ratings for Kate Plus 8 have dwindled since ex-husband Jon was booted off the show two years ago, with viewers less interested in seeing her chronicling her day-to-day life with her eight kids.

This is not the first time Kate has reportedly suffered from depression.  The former nurse revealed that she also suffered from the blues after being booted off ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” in 2010.

What do you think of the cancellation of Kate Plus 8?  Are you going to miss the show?