Kate Gosselin Runs The Rock ‘n Roll Las Vegas Marathon (Photos)

Kate Gosselin

Go, mama, go! Former reality television star Kate Gosselin was spotted getting ready for the Rock ‘n Roll Las Vegas Marathon, which was held at the Las Vegas Strip on Sunday morning. The celebrity mother-of-eight was all smiles for the camera as she posed for pics before getting ready for her big race.

As I’m sure many of your already know, Kate is an avid runner who has been competing in marathons for the past year. The “Kate Plus Eight” star started running to relieve herself from her stressful divorce from ex-husband Jon Gosselin.

Take a look at our photos below, and tell us, are you a running mom as well? So far I’ve only ran a 5K but a half marathon is definitely on my radar!

  • Kate Gosselin 1 of 5
    Kate Gosselin
    Kate Gosselin is all smiles for this marathon! I wonder if she's going to tell us her time?
  • Running Mama 2 of 5
    Running Mama
    Kate has mentioned in the past that she started running to help relieve the stress she was getting from her divorce back when things were pretty shaky.
  • 10 Miles 3 of 5
    10 Miles
    Nowadays, Kate tries to run 10 miles every other day. Just typing that sentence made my knees hurt!
  • Runner 4 of 5
    But no matter how you look at it, running has surely transformed her body for the better: she looks so healthy.
  • Tell Us Your Thoughts 5 of 5
    Tell Us Your Thoughts
    Are you a running mom? How often do you get to sneak in a running session?

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