Kate Gosselin Shares Fall Family Photos, Funny Kid Sayings on KatePlusMy8

Kate Gosselin Kate Plus My 8 fall family photos
Kate Gosselin shares fall family photos

Kate Gosselin’s fall family photos have arrived! Check out Kate Gosselin and her kids on the KatePlusMy8 blog.

Kate poses with the kids in a yellow vest, purple shirt and jeans, while the boys wear matching vests and the little girls have matching cardigans but different shirts.

The whole family is decked out in jeans and the older girls wear t-shirts.

The Gosselin family poses among hay bales and mums with the fall foliage behind them.

There are some other cute Gosselin fall pics – check them out!

Kate Gosselin also shared some funny kid sayings, including, “The other night after bringing up the requested four bales of hay from the barn with his brothers, Aaden wanted to tell me something he saw in the barn. He started his sentence like this: “Mommy, when we were down in the barn, getting hay loafs….'”