Kate Gosselin Shares Fitness Plan For Moms: Don't Be A Quitter!


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Kate Gosselin shares her fitness plan with her fans.

Kate Gosselin has a lot of time on her hands now that her family’s hit show, Kate Plus 8, has gone off the air. And what better way to restart your life than with a tough fitness regimen – one suited for the average mom!

Kate took to her blog to share her fitness struggles and plan with those who would like to join in. Take a look at what she wrote:

[I wrote this last week during our continual rain.]

I’m talking to myself right now. I feel unmotivated because it’s raining outside and I don’t want to run in the rain again today. To make matters worse, my new favorite route is blocked off because of rising flood waters. I’m also tired from a long week. Such whining…
I also know that, because of my schedule, I haven’t gotten a run in yet this week— and the week is almost over…. I have two choices:
The same choices I have everyday…
I can give in and say “forget it” and quit or I can push myself to run even if that means running in the rain OR on the boring dreaded treadmill..

My choice… I find that the worst part of being a runner is trying to overcome that voice inside my head that is lazy and doesn’t care about being a champion..
I am NOT a quitter in life and I am NOT going to be a quitter when it comes to being a runner either!
I’m off to lace up my running shoes…

C’mon… You can do it too…
Or are you choosing to be a quitter ???!!!!


What do you think of Kate’s determinism?

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[Photos via Pacific Coast News/Twitter.]