Kate Gosselin Drives an Hour to Grocery Shop. Here's Why


kate gosselin shoppingWe’ve seen Kate Gosselin shopping for groceries at the Whole Foods in Devon, PA, 44 miles from her house in Reading. investigated, and estimates that the Whole Foods is an hour drive each way for the reality star. That’s two hours in the car, a whopping span of time given that there are numerous grocery stores much closer. The website wonders why she’s making the drive. I could hazard a few guesses — she’s partial to organic veggies and locally farmed meats, something not always easy to find at neighborhood stores (hey, Kate Gosselin: Whole Foods’ environmentally-caught, low-mercury fish sticks are divine. Give ’em a try!). Or a cute checkout boy? She’s single, after all. 

If I’m right, though, the real reason is so much simpler, and so obvious to my inner-mom:

Time in the car, driving to and from errands, is sometimes the only quiet time a mom can find. There are no paparazzi in the backseat, the kids are at home with a babysitter, and since Kate’s shopping for groceries (for the kids!) she doesn’t have to feel guilty about not spending those hours with her eight tykes.

Trust me, moms: haven’t you even driven the long way home, simply to delay re-encountering the mayhem that’s waiting for you when you get there?



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