Kate Gosselin Shows Off Her Six-Pack!


kate gosselinIt’s been a pretty crazy week for Kate Gosselin, and it looks like she’s taken her frustrations out through exercise! The busy mother of 8 was caught out for a run in a jog bra and shorts that showed off her incredibly toned physique! Is that I six-pack I see? (click here to check out the pics of Kate out running). Kate, who lately hasn’t been seen without a full face of makeup and wearing heels, is bare faced and obviously working hard during her run.

This past week Hailey Glassman, the ex-girlfriend of Kate’s ex Jon, hurled some pretty nasty accusations at Jon, claiming that he attempted to extort money from Kate. So far Kate has kept mum on the subject. Jon however took to his twitter account to refute Hailey’s claims, and then proceeded to place another ridiculous twitter ad.

Seems that Hailey is in Kate’s corner though, stating in a blog posted on that
“I also want to add that there is a lot of hate towards Kate about her as a mother. I want to set the record straight by saying Kate is a great mother. She is a semi-single parent, which is truly hard with eight kids! Like I have said numerous times before, she gives those children structure and surrounds them in a stable, grounded environment, which is a necessity when growing up. She works extremely hard to support those kids and the lives they are accustomed to living.”

What do you think about Glassman showing public support for Kate?