Kate Gosselin Spanks Daughter Leah (VIDEO)



Celebrity TV mom Kate Gosselin from TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus 8 is a spanker (allegedly) and there is video that shows her doing just that (allegedly), to one of her 5-year-old sextuplets – daughter Leah.

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*Edit* Kate Gosselin has issued a statement, read it here.

 The brief clip – from The Insider – shows Kate, obviously not happy with Leah’s behavior and it appears she is giving her child a spanking (the clip is a series of photos that In Touch Weekly apparently has).  The “expert” on the video clip says it could hurt Kate should she and Jon separate… do you think that’s true?

What’s your opinion on spanking?  Are you a spanker?  Not?  Believe it accomplishes nothing?  Works for you?

Video clip:


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