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Kate Gosselin Spanks Daughter Leah (VIDEO)

By Sassy Smith |


Celebrity TV mom Kate Gosselin from TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus 8 is a spanker (allegedly) and there is video that shows her doing just that (allegedly), to one of her 5-year-old sextuplets – daughter Leah.

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*Edit* Kate Gosselin has issued a statement, read it here.

 The brief clip – from The Insider – shows Kate, obviously not happy with Leah’s behavior and it appears she is giving her child a spanking (the clip is a series of photos that In Touch Weekly apparently has).  The “expert” on the video clip says it could hurt Kate should she and Jon separate… do you think that’s true?

What’s your opinion on spanking?  Are you a spanker?  Not?  Believe it accomplishes nothing?  Works for you?

Video clip:


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0 thoughts on “Kate Gosselin Spanks Daughter Leah (VIDEO)

  1. maeby says:

    Im not a spanker, but if i had 8 kids i probably would be.

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  3. Mama Bear says:

    I spanked my 1st child once – she was 5 and stole from the 5 & dime. The second child got spanked once- she was 5 & swore at me. Each time it was equally effective – and just the mention of a possible future spanking and they would correct their own behavior.

  4. yes says:

    I spank me kids i dont even plame her all thes new mothers just dont know they think that its child abuse thes days im son is in the 6th grade i still spank that boy and my little girl is two i spank her to

  5. Dont hit kids says:

    You spank a TWO YEAR OLD? jesus.

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  8. karena says:

    You guys don’t think it’s that bad BECAUSE YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE VIDEO YET!! The pictures make it look not so bad but the video shows it clearly, she’s hitting the poor child pretty hard.. vostuu DOT com SLASH kate.html

  9. kim says:

    wow, I wish people would find something better to do then bother this poor family!! It has gone from jon cheating to kate cheating, to look at Kate in her bikini to now Kate beats her kids. I believe that YES kids should be spanked based on their behavior. Parents are so scared now a days to even yell at their kids and that is exactly why kids these days act the way they do!!!! My son is also 2 and yes I do give him a tap on the butt when it is needed but people act as if you just smacked them upside the head and kicked them. Get a life people and a handle on your kids. Thats why you parents who dont punish your kids think parents who do are just awful. Your kids will be the ones running you in a few years not ours. We showed our children right from wrong and you don’t act like a brat and get away with it!

  10. Dont hit kids says:

    I have a handle on my kid. He is disciplined. I just don’t hit him. Because I expect people not to hit me, and I think everyone should be able to expect that level of decency out of other people. Not hitting children does not equal not discplining them. There is a vast gulf between a child-run free for all and hitting kids, and in that gulf you can find a thousand and one non-violent ways to teach them how to behave.

  11. sncard says:

    I am 18 years old, and I was raised with spakings. I see nothing wrong with that. I have seen other parents who do not spank, they just put their kids in time out or take stuff away from them. This does not put them in submission to their parents it just makes them angry at them. There is just something about being spanked. I would get spankins until i had the right behaviour and believe me, i got the right attitude right away!If you do not show your kids who is boss, when they are older they will run right over you! If your child is throwing a timper spank them, let them know you are serious! Just putting them in a corner is not going to make them stop! And if they do stop it is just because they want out of the corner, not because they thought about it and had a change in heart!

  12. jania says:

    these people need to get a life because half of them kmow that when they come home from a hard day of work and they kids start losing there minds and thinking they dont know how to listen, that they aint going to want to hit their child. and besides it is HER CHILD!! if she gonna hit her let her its not like she slapped leah to the floor or till she had black and blues… ridiculous.. give her a break she is practically dealing with them by herself so therefore noone has a right to judge on how she is going to discipline her kids.

  13. jania says:

    they are gonna wanna hit their child*

  14. Meg says:

    Please! Give her a Break!
    Its not like its an Illegal thing to do!
    Its apart of growing up!
    its not like its a crime!

  15. kaylie says:

    I have to agree with Jania’s second comment. She was on the phone probably talking about something very important that could involve Leah as well as her sisters. As long as she doesn’t spank so very often to the point that her kids start having bruises. I’m not sure what’ll happen if there were bruises on them :[

  16. kaylie says:

    oops mistake, i meant meg’s comment.

  17. dani says:

    Kate Gosselin is the most idiotic B***H, on television, and for that matter in this world today!!! I do not agree in using spanking as a punishment, but I do believe it is allright to spank your children, as long as you do it right, in privacy, and you make sure they know that you are doing it out of love, and not out of frustration. This is the exact opposite of what Kate Gosselin did, which was done out of anger, and most likely did not only hurt her poor daughter, but utterly humiliated her! If I were Jon, I would divorce that crazy jerk, and make a new life with that girlfriends of his, Deanna. That way TLC could just cancel their show, and create a new one, called “Kate plus eight, Jon on a date!”

  18. Mercedes says:

    I don’t think spanking is as big of a deal as EVERYONE makes it now a days. I have a 10 month old, and you better believe when he gets older and he acts out I will turn to spanking, I was raised with spankings and as long as there are no bruises it is fine. It’s not like you’re abusing them. You’re simply discipling them. I don’t believe you should have to do it in “privacy” only. Kids will learn that oh I can do whatever I want in public because mommy&/or daddy won’t punish me.”

  19. Chaya Martinez says:

    I was spanked as a child and I wish I never was. I’ve had to go through so much psychological damage just from the occasional spankings I recieved. I have two boys of my own and I would never spank them! It really does cause long term harm. I don’t believe that parents have to control their children. They’re people of their own characteristics that need to be embraced. No controlled.

  20. jaded_jamy says:

    what does the bible say?
    oh yeah,spare the rod and spoil the child!
    that’s it.

  21. Leah says:

    Heyy Kate,
    Why is evreyone making taht big of a deal if she did something bad well she deserves a spank please explain to media why you did it!

  22. sophie says:

    Parents do not spank! It doesn t work! Time out doesn t work either! At least your not hitting your kid until he or she behaves more “normaly”.

  23. Erica says:

    Poor Jon and Kate! Their show is the best!I cant beleive they are splitting up!Imagine wut Cara Mady Alexis Hannah Aaden Leah Joel are going to think and go through!:(I cant beleive you get in trouble for disiplining your kids now!

  24. Erica says:

    Oh i forgot collin! he is so cute!

  25. Angela says:

    When I was a child my father beat us. I mean 50-60 maybe more licks on a naked butt and if we moved it was on the legs or the back. Or it was draw a circle on the wall taller than we were and put our nose in it on our tipee toes. Or kneel down on rice all night long. I swore that I would never whip my kids because I knew that I had a temper like him. My first two children hardly ever got spankings because I had the fear that I would do to them like my dad did to my brothers and I. Believe me spankings work. I would never do anything to piss my dad off. My 8 year old and my 4 and 3 year old do get spankings. I realized that I was not my dad and that I would never ever hurt my children. They do mind me. My 15 year old that never got but a couple of spankings, don’t listen to me. She thinks that she can do what ever she wants, talks to me however she wants and get away with what ever she wants. It is now that it is even gotten physical. I blame myself for not putting my foot down a lot sooner. So if it is a spanking then do out of love and not anger or someone just trying to make a point. There is a big difference between being spanked and then being beaten. And a lot of you are right. Now days it is hard to spank your child with out someone or your own child getting the police or CPS involved in anything. Where were they when I was getting beat as a child. And as far as the divorce goes, neither one of them claims they want it, but they are doing it for the peace for their kids. Well if that was so then why don’t they fight for their marriage. TLC buys them everything else from motorcycles to tummy tucks, then why don’t they pay to put them through some kind of counseling to make their marriage work. That is the only way those kids are going to have peace, and that is to have both of their parents in their lives at all times, not back and forth swapping parents every week. They are going to grow up confused. I came from a broken home and I would not wish that upon anyone. It is even harder when you are at a young age and have to go through something like that. I could see if one or the other were beating the other or have some kind of drug problem that is taking the whole family down, but there are only allegations of adultery. Does anyone know for a fact that either one of them cheated? And if one or the other did, then with time all wounds heal. You can do what is right, forgive that person, and fight for the 10 years that you have been together. That is a long time just to throw it all away. NO one is perfect and everyone can use a little help in improving themselves.

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  27. katia says:

    its ok for paernts to spank their kids as long as they are not beating them leave kate alone it was just a spank if the kids dont get corrected they will get out of hand if the parent tells them to do something and they dont do it is ok for them to get spanked

  28. [...] Kate Gosselin Spanks Daughter Leah (VIDEO)! [...]

  29. catherine says:

    Nobody should have the right to beat kids. It is NOT good for them mentely or were it matters most in the heart. Why does spanking &
    beating happen?EVERYBODY has the right to put there kids in time out or takeing away something but you DO NOT have the right to beat your kids!SOMETIMES it do NOT work,BUT that sill do NOT give you the right to beat YOUR kids.

  30. catherine says:

    i feel u jaded jamy

  31. stella says:

    kate,jon,maddy,cara,joel,collon,adian,hannah,leah,alexus i hope yalls family works out 4 the kids not the TV show be strong i seen the picturs kids cry if you poke them yall rase those kids together

  32. anon says:

    Not a thing wrong with spankings. There is a difference between spankings and abuse. Too bad more parents do not spank to get that kids attention and learn alittle more of right and wrong. Kids a so very direspectful and rude and more would do nicely with a little dose of reality by having a spanking once in awhile. I wish I could do it to some of these undisiplined brats running around!

  33. Tina says:

    CommentsCome on! She spanked her on the bottom!!! That’s the problem with the world today, children talking back, cursing, and hitting their parents; robbing and killing; you name it. Do we wonder why?

  34. Eva says:

    It’s not like she slapped her across the face! She smacked her one time on her bottom.

    I was spanked as a kid, and guess what? I’M FINE! I’m not a psycho or damaged in any way. When I have kids, I’ll spank them too. I was never hit with anything, or on the face, just spanked on the butt. It taught me many good little lessons and it never EVER left a mark or even hurt for very long. We joke about it now!!!

    As long as it’s not ABUSE (waaaaay different) there isn’t a damn thing wrong with spanking!!!

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