Kate Gosselin Spends $700 On Her Groceries: Is This Too Much Or Not Enough?

Kate grocery shopping with her kids.

First thing first: this blogger here is a writer, and in no way a mathematician so don’t expect me to divide $700 by eight children.

Ok, so my desktop calculator says it’s about $88.  So that’s $88 worth of groceries for every Gosselin kid in the Kate Gosselin household.

That’s right: Kate Gosselin shared with her fans on Twitter today that she spends a little over $700 in groceries to feed her family of eight children.

For those who were worried about her financial situation, fear not, as the Gosselin kids are doing pretty good with their army-like supply of goldfish, chocolate milk, whole grain cereal and tofu sandwiches.

Kate didn’t specify how long her grocery run lasts at her house or where she shops (I’m guessing Costco?), but in today’s economy, any family that has to spend $700 on groceries has to burn a pretty deep whole in the pocket especially if you’re unemployed.

For my family of four (plus one dog) we spend an approximately $200 a week on groceries and that’s shopping at Target with coupons.  I’m guessing that the $700 that Kate spends lasts about… two days.

Tell us, do you think $700 for a family of eight kids and one adult is too much or not enough?  How much do you spend on groceries for your family?

Check out our photo gallery of Kate and her kids below.


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    Kate Gosselin
    Kate is an avid runner.
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    Kate Gosselin
    Kate minus Jon
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    Kate Gosselin
    Kate and her twins
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    Kate Gosselin
    The new and improved Kate
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    Kate Gosselin
    Kate looking good!
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    Kate Gosselin
    Kate stepping out in New York
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    Kate Gosselin
    A relaxed Kate.
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    Kate Gosselin
    Kate and her bodyguard



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