Kate Gosselin Still Hasn't Met Jon's Girlfriend


Jon and Kate Gosselin were able to call a truce this holiday weekend and agreed to split up their time with the children. A source told that:

 “Jon and Kate have come up with an amicable arrangement for Thanksgiving and the holiday season. “They have not reached the stage where they could spend the actual day together but they are putting their kids first.”

That’s so nice to hear especially since it seems that the kids have been having a hard time dealing with their current living situations lately. And while Jon and Kate have seemed to be able to work together lately, Kate still hasn’t met Jon’s girlfriend of 6 months, Ellen Ross.The source claims that;

 “Ellen and Kate have still not met face to face. But Kate doesn’t have any issues with her kids being around Ellen as long as they are happy and safe.
“Since he started dating Ellen, Jon has become more level headed and his family is the priority now.
“Jon and Ellen are still going strong and despite what many people may think, she regards him as a good friend and boyfriend too.”

It’s nice to hear that even though Kate hasn’t met Ellen she realizes that she’s obviously had a good effect on Jon. Hopefully they can work on their relationship even more and the kids will soon be able to get back to a more normal life.

Photo by PCN