Kate Gosselin Teases "Surprise," Shares Kids' Art and Poetry!

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Is Kate Gosselin planning a surprise for her twins' birthday?

Kate Gosselin shared with Twitter followers a “surprise,” but wouldn’t reveal the details… could Gosselin be planning a surprise party for her twins’ birthday?

Kate tweeted: “Good day all!busy day doing surprise stuff! Can’t elaborate but havin kidfun! Will chek in when I can.Miss u all(twitter still giving fits)”

Gosselin also took to her blog to share some of the kids’ art and poetry.

Gosselin tweeted: “Go to our website to see our kids page! A poem by Mady and a drawing by Collin!!! Check it out!”

Here’s a sweet poem from Mady Gosselin, titled, “LOVE:”


L is for life. You gave me life.
Ordinary things. You do ordinary everyday things for me.
Violin! Violin Buddies!
Endless love

Love, Mady”

Mady and Cara celebrate their birthday on October 8.

Check out the drawing “A Dog by Collin” – so cute!