Kate Gosselin to Her Daughters: Don't Marry Young


Kate Gosselin, who isn’t exactly shy about sharing her thoughts or feelings with the people in her life, has singled out one piece of advice that she is really hoping sinks in with her five daughters: don’t marry young.

“What’s the rush to be married young? That would be my advice to my daughters. I’m already telling them, ‘30 and beyond’.”

Am I the only one who has a problem with this?

While there is nothing wrong with the advice to wait a bit before marrying, there are a few serious issues with her choosing to talk to her daughters about this. For starters, the kids have just been through a divorce, and that experience is unsetttling and hard to understand. The message here, coming from Kate, who married young and wound up divorced, is in danger of sounding to the kids like ‘I never should have married your father’. And while that may be true, those kids probably don’t need to hear stuff like that right now.

Furthermore, ‘I never should have married your father’ can sometimes sound a bit like ‘I never should have had you kids.’ Of course I don’t think Kate feels that way; of course I think Kate loves her kids and tells that that every day in a thousand different ways. But I’m not a six-year-old trying to make sense of a really complicated situation, and it is absolutely possible that one of her kids could hear her words and extrapolate a really damaging message.

All I’m saying is that when the time is right—like a few years from now—she should of course talk about marriage with all of her kids. But given all the other circumstances swirling around, now may not be the right time.

What do you think? Is Kate being a little too cavalier in her discussion of marriage?