Kate Gosselin to Jon: Pay Up, Sucka


kate-gosselin-jon-gosselin-child-supportAs they say, a day without a Gosselin story is like a day without sunshine. Or something like that. And the latest on these two lovebirds is that Kate wants to get her hands into the pockets of Jon’s Ed Hardy jeans. For the cash, that is. For the children.

According to reports, Kate has filed paperwork asking for child support and temporary spousal support. This is apparently as a result of Jon taking nearly $230,000 from their bank account, says Mark Momjian, one of her divorce attorneys.

“She needs relief in light of the draining of substantial marital assets in violation of the arbitrator’s decision that the money should be used only for specific purposes,” says Momjian.

Jon’s divorce attorney, Mark Heller, did not have an immediate comment on Kate’s request, but had remarked earlier that he still hopes the two sides can work out their money issues without further legal wrangling. “We are hoping in the next few days we can all do some bookkeeping,” he says. “I’m pretty sure this can come to a cordial resolution.”

I’m guessing child support for eight kids is going to be a pretty big chunk of change. Jon might have to sell one of those diamond studs.